Kerry Collins

Dude, this whole pre-season I was hearing, "ohhhh Kerry Collins is going to beat Gannon out." My first thought when he came on board is that he sucks. He's dumb as a rock and back-pedals too far because he's scared of getting hit. I didn't see what benefit he brought to the Raiders as Tuiasosopo is a great backup and basically Gannon jr. But then I started to think, maybe these guys are right ...

Ok, that was fun. Now put Tui back in.

I agree with you 100% sea monkey.Collins alone had five turnovers.I realize the Raiders had a lot of penalties as well(False starts and whathaveya),but could/should they give Marques a shot? I think so.

Good point Chris Bates.

Tried to post on here twice yesterday but couldn't for some reason.

On the bright side Collins can't play any worse than he did vs the Texans, that would be impossible.

The D looked bad and The O-line had way too many false start penalties (reminded me of last year).


It really doesn't matter who starts at QB the raiders will suck anyway.


I kinda hope he breaks his leg,like Pastorini.
Fans will cheer just like they did in 1980!

Raider fans are all over him at home, the Tui chant just about every time Collins runs on the field has to hurt.

Anyway Collins played better. The WR didn't help. Too many drops, the fumble on the kick return was the end.

Trueism.God I hope they beat SD!