Kerry Roops Fight Nights

Anyone going to the Nov. 20th fights in Rochester?

Yup. Won't have the kids that weekend.

You gonna fight, Brad?

I'm probable going to and might be bring one of my students to compete if he is healthy.


I'll be there. Havent been to a show in a while cause of fights and stuff that I have been fighting in. I will for sure be at this one though. Anyone for a beer?

Well, my student got hurt and won't be competing at this show. Hopefully, he will be able to make the Jan. show. I still should be there to watch.

Should be there to watch, or something.

Good show last night. I thought a couple of the kickboxing matches really made it.


Oh shit! I totally forgot about it.

Yuki: Well, I hope you were at least with a women.

Riiiiight .... he was beating off by himself ..... :0P

well, I believe Yuki has him a lady friend

Brad is correct, and yes, we were out that night.

I still did want to go though, and if I weren't so um.... distracted, I would have been there. lol

Next one is Jan. 22nd