Kesha... She is the best female pop artist of all time!

You need to tame them, i dated a middle eastern girl like that, super progressive and aggressive. In days she was begging to be bred and her pussy colonised without me asking or wanting for that matter.

Loosest pussy ever lol

Where do they rank in the all time record sales discussion?

Oh I did, until it wasn’t fun anymore. Can’t say Ive dated an arab girl. My cousin is now and she is a smokeshow.

Anyway, sorry for hijjacking OP. Kesha does have some fun stuff. Very girly.

shame on you lol

There you go being submissive and shit, you dont need to apologize with me around blood fuck them just remember I looked after you when I ask you to

End of thread.


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English motherfucker do you speak it? I thought I was the one on a drunk

Aight, fuck this thread. We taking over. I’m fighting this fool.

What are you trying to tell me mate?

Idk, maybe that you’re soft and weak and I’m a I’m a badass

Gold Jerry, GOLD!

I’m aware the artist gets paid each time it’s streamed. The majority of customers streaming do not pay for it. That needs to be taken into account when comparing data and throwing around numbers and defining ‘greatness’.
Artists do not make far more money from streaming in general. One of my best friends girlfriend is a newish singer (with record label deal) with surprisingly good worldwide reach. I’ve discussed this stuff with her and other artists met through her. And when I say discussed, I mean I listened to them complain about it, I was a) surprised how high their streaming numbers were b) how very little they made from it c) how little it translated to anything tangible. (Now she’s not well known but one of the people there was what you’d define as famous.)
I’m not a boomer, I just maybe view streaming numbers a little different.

I want a drunken apology from you when youre back on the fire water again tonight, otherwise its going to be a 90’s style whooping and I wont protect you anymore

Them girls love me cause I never apologize unless I mean it.

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