Kessler vs Ward next weekend- Who you got?

If the ref doesn't allow mad clinching (a la Calzaghe) I think Kessler ko's Ward in the 8-10th. Will be nice two great fighters mixing it up in any case.

I'm really lookin forward to this one.. should be a war but I got Kessler by tko late rounds

ward by decision, he's a guy that is not going to lose. kessler is a great fighter but ward is destined. not flashy but can get a workmanlike dec over anyone in the world

My head says Kessler but I'll be cheering for Ward.


He was the last guy to give Calzaghe any trouble.

Ward for me, I like Kessler though.

But speed & skill will this.

Kessler. No reason, just cheering for a nordic fighter.

mkou - Kessler. No reason, just cheering for a nordic fighter.

I resisted tempation to pick him solely on that as well.

My heart says Mickey Ward.

 Wouldnt mind seeing andre ward win at all but I think Kessler takes this he has been in there with the better competition