Kesting's Kneebar DVD

Over the holidays, I had a chance to view Stephan Kesting's DVD that covered kneebars.

Especially as an instructor, I really liked this instructional video for the following reasons:

1. Good organization. Stephan had a logical progression in his teaching and presentation. In addition, I liked how techniques were categorized.

2. Stephan actually teaches. Many other people simply demonstrate techniques rather than teach. He articulates his points well and is easy to understand.

3. High percentage techniques. I've seen many leglock videos and many just want to impress people with numerous crazy ass leglocks and entries that have very little practicality in real grappling. Though I was familiar with much of the material on this DVD, I like the fact that he stuck with high percentage techniques.

4. Excellent quantity of information. As a person that purchases instructional videos, I am tired of getting a video that has something like 10 techniques and fills up the videos with pointless instant replays and talking. High quantity doesn't mean quality, but low quantity sure doesn't mean quality either. As a consumer, I am glad that Stephan gives high quantity and high quality.

5. Vey good production. This DVD doesn't have the Hollywood bells and whistles when it comes to production, however, when you compare it to martial arts DVD's, this instructional has a very good production. Clear picture quality and sound, nice transitions, chapter menus, occasional split screens and close ups, etc....

Anyway, for someone who is a beginner with leglocks, this DVD is an excellent starting point and provides good the foundation.


Bolo what is your opinion on the Omoplata Dynamic Guard set Stephan did? I was thinking about going for the holiday special (Omoplata and Kneebar)

P.S. Your instructionals are fantastic dude. I hope you get some more out on DVD! I am kicking myself for not ordering the Dynamic BJJ DVD now!

I only glanced at Stephan's oma plata video when I was staying at someone's house. I don't remember too much as I just skimmed over it quickly.

If you are not too familiar with oma plata, then I think it would be a good video for you. Once again, I think Stephan's videos can provide a solide foundation.

what is the site to buy, and is the holiday sale still on?

His sale is until the beginning of Jan..

The Omo Plata tapes are similar in instructional quality (outstanding) but the production isn't as sharp. I think it was Mr. Kesting's first tape. The instruction and information is just excellent though.

I went from using Omo Plata as a single shot kind of technique to using it as robust part of my guard game in about three months from using his tapes.


I have it and its GRRRRREAT!