Keto Resource

Hi Everyone, First post so I better make it a good one.

I have just started back at the gym and am also looking into a keto diet. So while I am looking at keto I might aswell give everyone else a thread where they can get all the info in one place.

General Keto Information

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- Very informative gives a good general list of foods and what keto is about

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- An ongoing thread about Road Warrior Fin and his keto journey


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- This is an abbreviated list of low carb foods from the USDA

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- You can search the USDA database for any foods here

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- This one is great because if you are searching for a food with alot of a specific nutrient you can.

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Lyle McDonald and Gary Taubes come up often.

Invisible Lats Syndrome - Lyle McDonald and Gary Taubes come up often.

 Lyle's Ketogenic book is by far the most in depth and comprehensive thing I've seen on the subject.