Kettlebell & Heavy Bag Combo

Hey Folks. For those who have access to a heavy bag and kettlebells, just thought id share this with you.

This past couple of weeks Ive been doing alot of Heavy Bag work for conditioning. 10-12x3 minute rounds. In between rounds I was using a dumbell for swings/snatches etc. Then I had a bit of a brainwave (dont happen too often! :)). I managed to convince the gym owner to let me bring the kettlebell into the gym and I did the following:

I followed the 10x10 routine outlined by Ross Enamait. So I threw 10 straight punches as hard as I could, immedeatley after this I did a 1 handed swing the kettlebell, and at the top of the swing did a sort of upright row,so you basically pull the bell towards you, obviously not right into your face, but im guessing most of you get the idea. I did 3 reps each hand and after 10 rounds (which totals 100 straight punches and 30 of this new (to me) kettlebell drill) my whole body was fried! I mean I usually do a heavy bag routine, and while my triceps and chest feel it, I dont get any feeling from the opposing muscles, they did this time!

I suppose you could do this with a dumbbell, but the inward pull at the top just doesnt feel the same! It doesnt have the same feel as when you are pulling back against the kettlebell. I suppose this is one of the few movements where you really do need a kettlebell! This movement felt great tho as I felt I was really mimicking the reverse motion of the punches I was throwing!



Hey Beev:

that's a nice one! Mike Mahler came up with the same thing called "High-Octane Cardio" (HOC). I've been doing this for a couple of weeks, and it has been great for my overall standup conditioning (pad drills, sparring, etc.).

The one thing that Mahler did NOT do was do the KB High pulls (he preferred one arm swings). I LIKE the high-pull idea!

I'll incorporate that as soon as I heal up.

Do you wear gloves/wraps when you hit the bag? Do they get in the way of the kettlebell work?

The only rest I did was putting on and taking off the bag gloves! I didnt bother wrapping the hands! Im gonna get some descent MMA Sparring gloves so that I can blast staright through the workout!