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I can't make it to the gym as often as I'd like since my oldest boy started football. I don't have any equipment at home besides a heavy bag and treadmill so I'm going to give kettlebells a shot. I've used them before but only as part of a circuit at the gym so I've got limited experience. Can anyone recommend a good starting KB weight and program (DVD, youtube or book) to get started? I'm looking more for conditioning than strength. Phone Post 3.0

Pavel Tsatsouline's Enter the Kettlebell and are good places to start. Phone Post 3.0

Dan John's 10k kettlebell swing challenge

Remember. ALWAYS lift with your back. Phone Post 3.0

10,000 swing challenge on T-Nation, I have done it 2x and not gonna lie the results have been awesome. Burn an avg of 650 cal per workout.

Also try one arm snatches start with one rep, then two reps, then three, etc. Work your way up to ten reps, then back down.
Total for both sides = 220reps. This one gets my heart at average of 156 beats per minute for about 16 minutes (around 500 cal per workout)

Google Pat Flynn

Keith Weber. Phone Post 3.0

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Fitnessblender on YouTube has some really good kettle bell workouts. Phone Post 3.0

Dick swings, milfmills and renegade hoes... All excellent exercises.

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Look up Pat Flynn on youtube, he's got a ton a simple quick complexes.

Keith Weber has two kettlebell DVD's, both of them are excellent.

Dan John is also great.

Basically everything noted in this thread so far are great sources. Make sure you actually have decent form though. It might be worth it to go to a certified RKC or something for an actual lesson on proper form just so you don't end up hurting yourself.



you're welcome.



also, don't try to do any kettlebell exercises without proper training. You can really get messed up

In Phone Post 3.0 for the win. Lots of free instruction.

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iwrestledabearonce - Remember. ALWAYS lift with your back. Phone Post 3.0

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