Kettlebells: where buy, how do?

i am 100% new to kettlebells.

can someone please give me some good links on:

1) where to buy a kettlebell
2) online resources to learn how to work out with KB.



If you are looking for instructional DVD's drop me an email at



Screw Dragondoor. Check this place out:

Half the price and half the shipping.

Mike Mahler's Kettlebell Manual is good!

I havent seen his DVD but it got excellent reviews on t-nation!

No doubt they compliment each other very well!


I know I posted this in the other thread, but just in case theMachine23 doesn't check it ...
here's 42 KB exercises, with desc. and pics ...



themachine, if you email me make sure to mention this thread I'll put something together for you that will save you money.



Can your prices beat:

16kg: $50 (around $10 shipping)

24kg: $65 (around $20 shipping)

32kg: $80 (around $25 shipping)

If they can, then let us know flat out. I'm sure you'll get plenty of customers. If they can't, then I'd recommend to everybody to go through everything track&field with the link I posted.

Gaydarblane, oh man what a name you

As far as Kettlebell Instructional DVD's go, I have the best prices and give the most info per DVD. (IMHO)

In terms of hardware, Iam working on it.  I should have something to announce next month. Right now for hardware I say there is no doubt, go with the link posted above, if they are legit and are as good as they look, thats a great price.


Got'cha. I have bells from both. I wouldn't recommending mixing the same weight from each distributor because of slightly different shape, handle, and feel, but the track&field ones are on par with anything dragondoor has.

thanks. i'll email you, shawn...

theMachine23, you've got mail

go to and search for mike mahler. He has many articles and pictures about kettlebell lifting. Also he has a kettlebell encyclopedia on that site where you click on a muscle and he shows you different kettlebell exercises that hit that muscle. Also go to All the articles he's written are linked from there.

Do a search for "cardiobells" thats where I got mine from. I love it, I have heard the handle is a bit thicker than the dragondoor KB, the prices are just a little less, but they have great service and followed up with me to see how I was doing, how I liked it etc...

go to have acouple of different styles of KB's.

I really want to try kb's, but the prices are just beyond my budget. The link above might offer some hope...

Man, I was just informed of these things this weekend... A training partner of mine who'm I haven't seen in a few months has put on 18 pounds with kettlebells alone. I'm stoked. I'm so tired of going to the gym AND doing the same excercises over and over. I need a change and this looks like it'll fit the bill!


Also, can someone suggest some good kettlebell weights for me? For example, I typically do a 12, 10, 8, 6, 12 workout, for chest on my set of 6 which is the highest weight of the ladder I bench two 100lb dumb bells. For shoulders I can press two 75lb dumb bells for my set of 6. So how many kettle bells of what weight should I purchase so I don't undertrain yet I don't strain my body either.


go to

it is an adjustable kettlebell. I have it and it is awesome. These people made an very good product. If money is a conern then get this. It ranges from 16kg to 32kg.