I wanted to see if anyone has any experience with using kettlebells. If so, what type of routine did you follow and what type of gains did you experience? Are they worth the cost? Thanks.

Most kettlebell exercises can be done with a dumbell. You should find one and give the exercises a try and see if you like them.

That is what I do, and I really like it. I train to be lean and cut with good endurance, and doing strength endurance kettlebell exercises like swings, snatches, and clean and press really do the trick.

Plus they are nice because you can work out at home.

As far as gains, they have really increased my endurance, and really help with keeping the fat off. Dont expect to get huge using KB's, thats not really what they are all about.

I agree with Healthnut. It's more about the exercises, not the KB. (Snatches are insane for strength-endurance). Try Kettlebell Challenge video on (or just check out free articles on site) and try using DBs first. There are also tons of free routines on dragondoor.

That said, there is a difference between KBs and DBs. Mike Mahler is your man for explaining that. Hopefully he will comment. If only KBs weren't so damn expensive...

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I love my kettlebells. They are expensive but so is alot of other equipment.

You can do so many exercises you cant with dumbells.

Recently I started really getting into kettlebell flipping and catching. Mike mahler as articales on there are also good ones on


There are many benefits to Kb training and I am of course a big fan of KB training.

The thick handles fry your grip and the way that the weight is off centered increaes propiorecption, and works more stabilizer muscles.

Also, the off centered weight really increases shoulder flexibility as well as shoulder stability.

Finally, kettlebells are much harder to control than dumbbells for snatches, cleans, swings, etc.

Once you try one you will have no doubt of the benefits.

Are kettlebells expensive? Yes. are they a necessity in your training? No. Sure, you can do many Kb drill with dumbbells. You cannot do open palm drills like the ones on my DVD.

Bottom line is kettlebell training is a lot of fun and everyone I know that has tried KB training loves it.

Mike Mahler

After using DBs and investigating KBs and ClubBells, I am going with the CBs.

I feel the ClubBells have more to offer in terms of control and mobility, and that Scott Sonnon has done a better job of explaining and demonstrating how to use them for overall development.

I think both have a lot to offer, I have a kb and plan on
buying more as well as picking up cb's in the near future