Kevin Chavers Whereabouts

For those of you who were involved with the Fight 2 the Finish show by Kevy Boy Productions on November 9th of 2007 at the Congress Theater in Chicago, IL:

Many of you constantly inquire about Kevin Chavers whereabouts and whether he will make good on the money he owes the fighters, officials, and just about anyone else that was involved in his last event. I am simply passing on information to let you know where Kevin and his partner Jeannie Yu will be.

Mr. Kevin Chavers has a nationwide suspension for promoting events; however his partner Jeannie Yu is not suspended. Jeannie has put her name on a show that is being held in Rockford, IL on Thursday night, April 17th at Forest Hills Lodge. Event information and the address of this event is posted on .

Kevin Chavers has been behind the scenes (and behind Jeannie?s name) arranging this event. He has been spotted around town on several occasions doing business but has kept his name out of everything legal. The Illinois Boxing Commission has approved this event to go on. Unfortunately, without solid proof or Kevin Chavers name attached to the event, there is no legal path for the State to refuse this event.

Mr. Chavers will be in attendance at this event, along with Ms. Yu. Those of you who need to contact Mr. Chavers now know where he will be on April 17th. Also, Mr. Chavers and Ms. Yu plan to air the November event on Pay Per View without ANYONE?S consent.

Contact Jeannie Yu at any/all of the following numbers or speak with her at the event:



Mr. Chavers new number: 847.387.7784

This guy wrote $2000+ in bad checks to our team at his last show. There were more people involved than us as well. Just wanting to get it out.

Keep this one up for awhile