Kevin Durant calls out Michael Rapaport!

raps a goon, but birdman should have taken a 10 game suspension for that.

Some of you really don’t get schtick.

I’m not entirely sure it wasn’t staged. Didn’t look like a standard nba game with the team names.

i wondered at first, but birdman looked pretty serious. and continued to look pretty serious when they panned back to him.

was a big 3 game. think that was ice cube’s summer 3 on 3 league filled with has beens.

Maybe that’s why he wasn’t suspended or repremanded because the league didn’t have jurisdiction over that summer league Cube ran.

Rappaport is easily the biggest faggot out there. Take all the queen faggots you can round up and Rappaport will bitch and moan his way right to the top.

Was he serious? If so I love the Birdman even more now

Holy shit. I couldn’t make it past the 2 minute mark. I was embarrassed as hell for him just watching that alone.

“It’s still real to me!!!”

@Floppy_Divac iirc a few months back you were getting in to RDR2 or Grand Theft Auto right?

How far did you get? Any cool memories?

It’s been mostly labor this time through since I’m trying to do the stock market bigly this time around.