Kevin Everett to WALK out on Dec23

Kevin Everett is planning to come to Buffalo for the Bills' last home game on December 23 and WALK out on the field with his teammates.

And grown men will cry.

great news.


"And grown men will cry."

If I were there, I probably would, to be honest.

ya i glanced at a sports cover he was on today didnt read but its a touching thing

Pretty sure everyone will cry. Ill prolly cry just from watching on the TV.

If I were there, I would be crying like a baby. Great stuff.

Do you have tix to that game, BK?

^I do.

When my 6'3", 275lb father starts crying, I'm sure I'll be done for.

It's been over 5 years since I've shed a single tear.

I remember the last time...the day they retired Jim Kelly's number. Just brought back all the memories of going to the games with my dad. And having his handicapped son there certainly made it hard not to. When he said "I'll never get to play catch with my son"...the whole stadium was a mess.

I'm not going to cry and i don't like the idea(especially if playoffs are on the line)

too emotionally draining for players

No way...the team will be AMPED.

That will be awesome to behold.

WOW, that's great news