Kevin Ferguson

Fort William FC

Player Profile – Kevin Ferguson

  DOB - 15/6/88

Height - 6ft

Weight - 11st 4lb

Home Town – Fort William 

Preferred – Centre Midfield 

Current Position - Left Midfield
Previous Clubs - Caol 

Favourite Team - Celtic FC

Idolised Player - Paul Scholes

Background – Started Caol Primary 1999 and went on to play for Lochaber High School in centre midfield for every year team between 2000 and 2003. whilst also playing on Saturday for Fort William FC.

Joined the Highlanders and played for The Army in the British Army Regiments League in Germany between 2006 and 2007 making 32 appearances and scoring 7 goals. Rejoined Fort William in January 2008.


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Kimbo did a Sammy Sosa, and turned white. Good for him.

Where's the beard though?

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I bet there is more than one John Smith or dave jones too.


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