Kevin Garnett vs. JBJ?

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This natural weight shit is getting really fucking old, and I'm not a Jones fan

For real. Yes he's big enough to fight at heavyweight but it doesn't mean he's not a "true" lhw everyone keeps saying. Phone Post

He's not a "true" lhw, and almost nobody fighting at the division is. Maybe shogun.

Most of them walk around at 215-220+, or at least cut from those amounts.

Someone who makes weight without issue every time is a true fighter in that division. It doesn't mean he doesn't cut any weight. People talk on here talk like Jones is allowed to weigh in at 250 Phone Post

Well i guess it depends on what your meaning of "true" is. I would say not cutting weight, you may think it's being able to make weight regularly.

I think there are lots of guys that miss weight a few times, that could easily make it if they had a better team around them and were willing to take the steps in order to complete a more efficient weight cut.

No matter though, I don't think Jones is too big for LHW, he makes the cut easily, and has the energy to complete a 5 round fight the next day.

He just has advantages over guys in several aspects of the game, and that's what MMA is about, being able to utilize your advantages effectively.


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Garnett is a twig, and a pussy.  

LOL! Phone Post