Kevin Jordan Pre-fight Interview

On December 10th Kevin Jordan will be fighting for Big John Dixson for the vacant FFC Heavyweight Title in Biloxi Mississippi. Jordan is 2-0 in the FFC this year, and is coming off a big submission win against Kerry Schall in the XFO. Below is an interview conducted earlier today.

FFC: When did you start fighting?

KJ: I Started training and fighting in 1999.

FFC: What were the early influences in your career?
KJ: I was influenced by the early UFC’s and with my background in college and pro football I thought I’d be cut out for it. It just seemed like a natural progression after my playing days in football were over.

FFC: Whom do you train with?
KJ: I train at Ranger Jui Jitsu in Fort Benning, Georgia. We teach Jiu-Jitsu to the soldiers there and we are a part of the “Modern Combative” curriculum for the Army.

FFC: You had two tough fights getting to the title shot. Who was tougher, Sieffert or Loveless?
KJ: Loveless was the longer of the two fights and went to a decision, so it probably was the tougher of the two. I’m not say that Sieffert wasn’t tough He was! But Loveless had so much conditioning, heart, and was very elusive while I had him mounted. I spent a lot of energy trying to hit him from the mount. He is a real smart fighter.

FFC: Was there a moment in either of those matches when you thought “uh oh” I ‘m in trouble?

KJ: Yes, Sieffert came out real hard and I had tried several techniques I planned to use right off the bat and none of it worked. He defended them or absorbed them and was still coming. I was like hey what’s going on here.

FFC: What did that teach you?
KJ: I learned that it’s good it’s to have a game plan, but you have to be willing to adapt it to the situation. When my offense wasn’t working against Sieffert, I just went defensive, clenched and waited him out. You have to take what they give you and exploit it. Both Sieffert and Loveless were learning processes, and part of my maturation as a fighter. I have gone back and reviewed the fights and learned a lot about myself as a fighter.

FFC: What do you know about your opponent John Dixson?
KJ: I know John, in fact “he is my boy” but right now he holds the key to where I want to go so we are gonna have to throw down. John has a lot of fights and has fought some big names. Vovchanchyn, Barreto, Pardoel, Wiuff. But in some ways he is like all my other fights, it’s another must win situation. I hear he is good at Muay Thai and decent on the ground.

FFC: What do you think that he is going to try to do to you?
KJ: I think try some leg kicks to wear me down, or he will try to get me on my back because he has never seen me work off my back in any of the fights I have had at the FFC.

FFC: Does your preparation change because of his experience?
KJ: Nope, I work all the basics of Wrestling, Jui-Jitsu and Boxing. I have picked up my weight training a bit because he is a big strong guy. But other than that, I have approached it like all the other fights. I only change things if my opponent is one-dimensional.

FFC: When the bell rings next Friday night, what your plan.
KJ: I am going to keep my hands up and feel him out. Read him for about 10-12 seconds. If he presses me then I’ll have to stop it. If he is hanging back then I will have to pick it up. I don’t see him shooting, but I do think he will try to put me on my back and make me work there, but fortunately I’m comfortable on my back. I’m very happy with my preparation, and health-wise I am at 100%. I am ready!

FFC: Good Luck Kevin, and thanks for the time.
KJ: You bet.

Good luck to both guys!!

i'm definitely looking forward to this one

Where is a picture Lee? :)

that is going to be a great fight!!!

Im goin w my boy Big John.

yeah, i'm going with big john as well. he is a freak of nature.

Kevin's on his way to the Top!

Gonna be a good fight