Kevin Jordan Wins FFC Heavyweight

Freestyle Fighting Championship
Congrats To Kevin Jordan....... Jordan is 2-0 in the FFC this year, and is coming off a big submission win against Kerry Schall in the XFO.
He's going places !!!!

Kevin's Pro Record: 7-2-0 Am Record: 3-1-0
Congrats to Big John for another good solid fight!!
He's a great guy and tough fighter

what happened?

I ran into that dude, wasted, in the Abbey hotel the night he beat Schall...thats all I remembered...It was like 4:00 am or some shit


Unanimous decision!
I'd like to see him and Wes Sims or Mike Kyle next

great job by kevin. he dominated rounds 1 and 3 with positioning on the ground. dixson really rocked him in round 2 with some big strikes, but he was able to weather the storm.

Congrats to Kevin... he worked hard and did a good job...

Frederick "pornstar" Griswold
Dixsons dungeon

Congrats Kevin. It won't be long.

Also thanks to Jeff Yurk for helping out with training the last couple of weeks.


That was a hell of a war! Both guys had several oppertunities to finish the other but they were just too damn tough!



thanks for the photos.....
Jordan's going to be a force in the HW picture


Did he just kickbox a few weeks ago?

My comment on the fight was that both guys fought like lightweights but hit like super heavyweights. There was always action. Many times during the fight I felt like either guy could have gone down from the other's punches - but neither did. I met with Kevin the next morning and he said "this was a hard (to earn) stepping stone" in his martial arts career. He spoke with nothing but high regard and respect for big John Dixon both Before and After the fight. I was amazed that while both guys got winded, neither quit pounding until the fight was over. Kevin's front kicks were effective keeping John off-balance and John's ground work is still amazing especially given his size. After round two, I still had not seen John sweating! Simply amazing to see two guys that big put out so much - I'm glad I got to see the fight and I'm even more glad that I don't have to fight either one. Both are excellent for MMA and I'm honored to have them as friends.

John was showered and at the club literally like an hour after the fight. Amazing considering the war he fought. Kevin is definetly a classy fighter besides being an incredible fighter. My only complaint was the ring seemed to really slick and both guys were sliding all over the canvas.