Kevin Lee vs. Daniel Rodriguez

Up next… I got Rodriguez

Im torn on this fight. If Kevin Lee shows up he will win.

D Rod

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Would LOVE to see Lee get smoked



Lee wins by grappling domination

Lee looks focused. Let’s see if he’s on tonight.

I’m looking forward to this fight. Lee’s KO of Gillespie is one of my favorites in recent history.


Here we go. Let’s see how good Daniel is from his back

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Kevin’s striking looks improved and fluid.

Lee is being
More patient on the ground. Let’s see if his cardio holds up

Did Lee use Daniel’s chest to get up? Lol

Uh oh

Nice Daniel

Daniel landing nicely

Kevin is avg

Kevin Lee stinks. If he was white you wouldn’t even know his name.


He was on Queer Street for sure.

DRod looks 2 weight classes above Kevin

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