Kevin McBride will beat Tyson

Kevin McBride is going to make Tyson his bride,I shit you not. I have a good feeling about this one. I see this as either a knockout for McBride in the mid to late rounds or a DQ on Tyson's part.

I hope Kevin McBride steps up in class after this fight, because im sick of watching him fight bums like Mike Tyson, Jimmy Harrison, and Stoyan Stoyanov.

Put the pipe down... drugs are bad mmkay?

McBride is 6'8?! Anyway, by the sounds of this guy, he's about on a par with Peter McNeely. If K-1 thinks this PPV is gonna win them some fans, they are out of their minds. Anyone who buys this peice of crap is gonna feel ripped off after this guy kisses the canvas from the first blow Tyson throws.

McBride is very up and down for a journeyman. I saw him in Little Rock a few years ago and he looked solid then he looks terrible against other guys that are a less known them himself.

Have you seen McBride fight? He's a bum. And I mean that in the most respectful tone to bums everywhere.

The referee could beat McBride