Kevin Randleman Contact Info ?

A professional journalist with a long, positive track record in fighting wants to interview Kevin Randleman. I have a cell number that is long out of date. If anyone has contact info for Kevin, please do not post it here, but I would grateful if you sent it to

ttt to the old days when randelman came here.

TTT for Kevin Randleman. One of my heros, and my favorite fighter.



Kirik you got mail.

ttt for Kirik

Find it at Fight Resource! - The Online MMA Directory


Still waiting on barnone to give me his hot ass cousin Vida's phone number...

lol Quick :) ur a crazy bastid hehehe

You got mail!!! He was at my house just a few days ago, boy was he small. He almost lost his life, one of his lungs was about the size of an apple. I think he was down to about 185.

He is not living in Ohio, He is in Vegas.....