Kevin Randleman is a warrior

From his trainer Fred George

Kevin Randleman is an unbelievable talent. He is built just like a pro bodybuilder. At 5'10" he is a solid 230, shredded. And let me tell you, Kevin has had a very rough year. He tore his labrum and rotator cuff of the right shoulder during a fight, while simultaneously having his ribs cracked, on his left side. He had to go into surgery.

If that was not enough Kevin has also torn his right biceps tendon. So he ended up having surgery on both the bicep and shoulder. Due to the fracture and being intubated they found the crack in his ribs had punctured his left lung, and a type of fungus was growing.

He was having trouble breathing during training. No one could understand it because Kevin was an NCAA wrestler from Ohio State University so cardiovascular fitness was never a factor for him. The day of the surgery, they cut his thoracic cavity wide open from the sternum to the middle of his back, and pulled his ribs apart.

The doctors extracted a build up of fungus, bacteria and scar tissue the size of three human fists. This mass was literally strangling Kevin. Now he is recovering and preparing for a comeback.

i think ive got that

jacktripper is a fucking warrior

I think I have a fungus growing around my mid section, and it must be a lot bigger than three fists. It hangs over the sides of my pants too.

I hope Randleman recovers from that, and maybe learns some jiu jitsu, its a shame to see so much athletic talent get wasted.

the rev

" and maybe learns some jiu jitsu, its a shame to see so much athletic get wasted ".

What if his calling/ purpose in life is to be right where he is in life ( and athletic career ). He has gone further then 99% anyone on this website.

People can down play his game all they want. It's not like he doesn't try/ train and fight 100%.

Sometimes in life you can only go so far - this goes for athletics as well.

reverend john it's a shame not to see you in the UFC and Pride. What a waste of talent. Why wern't you a D1 Champion, UFC and Pride fighter ?

His idea of cutting weight is really good.


Randleman could be much better if he trained with the right people, and everyone knows it. I have none of Randlemans talent, and never said I did. I heard he was training with Laiman and if that is true it is a very good thing.

the rev

id still run if i was going to fight him. lol

What, so Laimon can tell him to take his opponent down and lay on him to win by decision?

Randleman doesn't need Laimon's help with takedowns and staying on top.

No he doesn't, he needs to learn to defend an armbar, and a triangle.

the rev

" " and maybe learns some jiu jitsu, its a shame to see so much athletic get wasted ". "

This coming from a well respected forum member.

Rev. You're an artist. At your art opening a guest walks up to you and says, - you're a waste of talent " . You also have a gift of serving. If someone walked up to you out in the mission field and said - you're a waste of talent - that would be degrading God as well.

I know Kevin. I know that he has used his God given talent to the best of his ability. To say that he is a waste - is a slap in Gods face. He isn't a waste - a waste would mean he doesn't use his talent.

Don't listen to what everyone says about who he trains with/ doesn't and so on. Kevin trains harder then any athlete i have met. To say he needs to train with so and so in order to be better is a joke. What happens if he does go train with a Gracie - and doesn't get better ?

I know one thing. Given the chance i'm sure you would train with Kevin. I know for a fact you wouldnt not say to his face he is a waste of talent.

Have a blessed weekend soldier.

Which fight did he get his ribs broken and shoulder torn in?

You are right, I stated that incorrectly. It is sad to me that Kevins superior athletic ability has not been fully realized due to his incomplete technical arsenal.

But I am sorry for what I said, and wish I would not have insulted Kevin in the way I did.

the rev

No prob rev. The way i see it is this. A waste of talent is someone who doesn't use their given talent at all. Jut because he isn't as good in jiu jitsu as he is in other areas of his game - doesn't mean he is a waste.

When i heard you say that i was shocked it came from you. We all slip though brother.

As someone who's watched and enjoyed many of his fights, I just hope he can make a full recovery from this.