Kevin WTF happened????

First of all I am a fan of Mirko.

But I was very suprised to see Kevin tap out to that submission.I learned how to get out standing chokes in my first 3 months.I'm not trying to say that I'm better than Mr Randleman but I'm very suprised to see such a seasoned grappler get caught in that.

I don't like calling fights worked . . . so I'll just say it looked pretty easy.

Vortex2001 maybe he's been around Wes Simms too much.

I deal with people that work at group homes and sometimes I wonder who the client is.

LOL at people calling work. Kevin has some of the worst sub defence in MMA, and has proven it time and time again.

No, in wrestling you have to have an arm as well so very hard to choke with head an arm.

Give Cro Cop credit, he stuffed Randleman's take down attempts handily. I didn't think he could and he proved me wrong. Randleman easily beat Cro Cop the first time out and now Cro Cop easily beat Randleman. Who knows how a 3rd encounter would go but I wouldn't mind seeing it.

Cro Cop is just that damn good!

kevin asked for another rematch


"all his fights go the same basic way..he dances around like an animal, then takes his oppt down and GNps his way to a victory."

Unfortunately for him, they actually very rarely go that way.