kevkaley2768 = NOT A BIGMOUTH!

I know, gay thread and enough already. But I wanted to clear it up to everyone that it was my misunderstanding and stupidity that started all of this. It's not fair to kevkaley2768 to have the BIGMOUTH thread on the forum when he is innocent. Could a MOD please delete that thread?

The towel heads have got me all riled up lately and it makes me get hostile when I think someone's being disrespectfull.

Again, I apologize. And I salute you, kev.

Pretty big of you. I am still looking for the article i was refering to. Thanks to the Mods for making me look like an idiot and apparently combining threads.

It's in the "Official Pat Tillman RIP thread". Page 1. A member named Chris Bates posted it.

Please give me your email, so you can see his response. He said anybody in a U.S. uniform is the enemy and he would of fought them to the death if necessary. I can't post it, you can.