Key to UFC's success

It was interesting to see UFC's production tonight after watching Elite XC / Strikeforce last night. I think it's pretty clear why hardcore fans often prefer Pride or Elite XC-type shows - because they're better for people who already know about the fighters. TONS less buildup time.

But in my opinion the main reason the UFC is doing so well is because they're investing the time to actually build up fighters and treat the whole fight as a sort of pageant. Very WWE-esque showmanship. They get the audience to care about every fighter by the time they step in the ring. Goldy and Rogan repeat every fighter's name so many times during the broadcast that have no choice but to remember a guy even if he's only fought in the UFC one time.

By contrast, those other shows are geared towards the more hardcore fans who already know everyone on the card - sadly, that style isn't going to pull in repeated casual viewers as easily since they won't get invested in the personalities of most of the fighters.

Elite XC / Showtime built up Shamrock and Baroni a lot. Ninja and Cung Le to a lesser extent, whereas the UFC built up EVERY GUY that got TV time enough that casual fans will recognize their names when they're fighting again. It's brilliant marketing strategy.

The one problem I do have with their strategy is that they're trying to build up too many fighters right now. I think they'll run the risk of losing newer viewers who are ADD and can't keep track of all the new talent coming in.

Sorry, this is a FRAT but I'm a bit drunk and long-winded.

TTT - it was hell getting my thoughts onto the screen coherently. Let them live a little longer.