Keyboard Warriors Chance to Shine

Heres a hypothetical fight, i want you to set the gameplan for it. UG'ers unite, show me what'cha got, tell me what you'd do.

You are 6'3". Your opponent is 5'9".

The opponent has a prestigeous wrestling background, and through video of his matches, and inside information through excessive myspace snooping, you notice some key factors in his style

1) Extremely low shots out of the tie-up (Clinch), using his lower center of gravity to shoot outside double legs low, around the knees

2) Strong and stocky, more than likely strong in the clinch

3) Supposedly no BJJ/Boxing/MT/Judo trainig, he will be using wrestling technique from the clinch to the ground.

You, are 6 inches taller, have a western boxing background, have drilled the thai clinch in excess, have a relatively week ground game but incorporate basic BJJ and a wrestling background, as opposed to pure wrestling.


alternate between slow and fast fireballs, when he tries to jump use standing medium kick. if the kick misses, immediately low jab once, then throw. next time the kick misses (IF it does), low fierce kick for the trip, then back to fireballs.

fetal position, imo

Is there a bully in your neighborhood?

Heres where i've started :

If i were the taller fella in the fight, hypothetically, i'd start with a strong jab/cross combination and hard leg kicks to establish your reach, keep him from shooting from too far out, on his toes.

In the clinch, i'd lean towards getting both hands behind his head, elbows hard into his chest and forearms against the collarbone, basic thai, to stay out of danger of arm drags and straight shots. Keeping my feet back, i'd drive knees hard to the ribs, untill the clinch broke, and keep the same gameplan standing, overhand rights and looping hooks thrown in when open.

Kicks to the midsection, or is that too dangerous with a wrestler of this caliber ?

I'm acctually just bored at work.

Krept is correct!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If it's a street fight, I would immediately pull guard.

He is white, btw.


This 6'3" fella is more than likely stronger, the only issue in the clinch is his opponents low center of gravity, not a lack of ability in the clinch.

And fuck you guys for making me the underdog when i bring a real skillset and he is a collegiate wrestler. Your just trying to hurt my feelings, you meany

not that thats me, at all

I'm bored too.

You probably have a serious reach advantage, work your boxing stay on the move and jab, set up the power shots. Avoid clinch/ground. Only use the thai clinch and guard if you find yourself in a position to use them.