Keyboard Warriors Please Read

In order to help the other UG members, it would be prudent for you to identify yourselves for future reference. Thanks in advance.


I'll start the list:

1. Cre a.k.a Mustang1966

2. TwIcK

3. Paco  

Twick takes the cake. He posts about starting BJJ, asks for help, and on other threads tries to call everyone out.

  1. Riddum

Except I've been watching Bruce Lee movies and I just watched Mortal Kombat II again. I have a lvl70 warrior on WoW, and I micro at around 200APM in wc3 ladder. You don't want to fuck with me.

Twick had the gaul to call me out for sending a little jab his way. That right there is "keyboard warrior" at it's finest.

Yeah, streching is like purple belt shit, I don't know what he is thinking. He just started.

Uh before i quit i had a level 60 hunter in 6/9 Cryptstalker... Then the expansion came out, and i didn't have enough time to level in a week, and the game lost all its appeal to me.

I completed Naxxaramas, therefore, my warrior spirit is undoubted.

I wish i could play MMO's without being an addict :(

"Yeah, streching is like purple belt shit, I don't know what he is thinking. He just started."

Shit, I'd been rolling for four years before anyone would tell me how to stretch.

Make a list for online detectives too. Mustang could be captain. Could you help me to find out where all my megahurtz are going? :(

Cre... uh, I mean mustang1966, Shut it. You already proved my point.


twick was by far the best, he called out some other guy on a thread and some pro fighter says something and twick goes off on him.

the fighter (malachy) told him he would make him suck his own dick, it was the brest putdown eva!!!

Twick then tried to call out the pro fighter haha, i tried so desperatly hard to have it happen and offered to be the referee and travel to central fl to do so.

i will always have a warm place in my heart for malachy for that putdown

Bludhall, if it gives you any interest, I would make Twick give himself a prostate exam with a tire iron. I dont know, maybe a little harsh but I would settle for you reffing a match though.

I challenge anyone right now! My alt+ctrl+Delete combo is unstoppable!

ill take two