Keysi Fighting Method - anyone here?

Anybody have any experience with the Keysi people?

I came across some of their videos this morning and was impressed--I knew less about them than I thought I did.

Have you trained with them? What were your impressions?

One of the vids I found

This appears to be how they do a bunch of their training...

From a far it seems practical to me, i would like to see a progressive training method with some resistance so folks could train safely but not lose realistic feel.

I was thinking the same thing. According to what I can find, they DO incorporate lots of sparring/grappling and other "full resistance" training.

They also have THE most organized curriculum I've ever seen. I was looking at the white belt curriculum and it's a class-by-class breakdown of what you will learn on day 1, day 10, etc all the way through. Apparently they teach every student in the very same sequence (although they are quick to note that the system still evolves and changes over time). I'm impressed with their level of organization.

I'm hoping someone here can give a firsthand account of what it's like to train with them...

Oops, bad on me for not searching this very forum before I posted. I found the thread in which Matt Thornton describes training with the founders many years ago (and finding it mostly what you see in the vid, and little sparring or other live training).

My understanding is that today it's more that way, but what do I know?

I also note that both founders are Instructors in the Inosanto JKD assication.

My spydie sense is tingling and telling me they're all drill, no spar...Maybe that's MMA for the masses...

Looks good in the movies...that's about it.

Thanks for posting all that! It made for a very interesting read...

IMHO It's way to expensive. not even in the ball park. This could be recipe for media deception for the uneducated, and not because these guys are uncool there just is not enough information for the consumer to make an educated decision.
just my 2 cents

Just watched a little bit of the video and saw an elbow strike to the bicep. Seems way too precise for me.
Maybe not for them. But under presure, I just can't manage that kind of stuff.

Joe Maffei - there just is not enough information for the consumer to make an educated decision

That was the conclusion I came to after speaking with one of their instructors on the phone.

Might be cool to train, but there's no way I'm plunking down the kind of time, energy, and CASH that they asked for to participate in the workshop I was invited to.

I'm still curious though.

I had a small training group back in Charlotte, NC and I had a gentleman show up who had trained in this style. He was kind of high strung but seemed like an okay guy. Anyway, he proceeds to give me a little demo of it in a "dead" manner. He demonstrated a mass attack situation where he pinned me to the wall with his elbows as he looked around for other attackers. Again no resistance on my part.

From that small demo, if I had to describe it I would say it was "blocking and pinning with the elbows while holding your arms in a 'crazy monkey-like' manner with footwork".

I didn't ask him any questions about the system because it really didn't interest me enough to pursue it any further then the small demo he gave me.


This should give you more info on The Keysi Fighting Method

This one is absolutely CLASSIC!

Crap training on the beach while the instructors do basically nothing, followed by Roger tooling on the dude while the instructor gives out fortune cookie philosophy.

I wonder how many times Fight Master Andy has rolled with Roger.

^ my goodness...

The horseshit that people believe... Beware of false guru's...

The Keysi ethos: never surrender...

It almost sounds like a subtle parody

did he actually think he'd be able to walk in there and use that shit on Roger Gracie?

Daniel/CGJJ - did he actually think he'd be able to walk in there and use that shit on Roger Gracie?

That didn't sound like the point... I think Andy even said "You're not going to use Keysi in this".

Reid already has some ground skills, but OBVIOUSLY he's no match for Roger. (I looked up his MMA record and 4 of his 8 wins were by submission, all prior to the show)

I believe the point of having him get beat on by Roger was to help build a mentality that he's going to keep fighting even when he's outmatched.