(( KF Gi )) for sale at RONIN MMA

WE have KF Gi for sale at our club:

Blue : $180 ( A2 , A3 , A4 and A5 )

White: $ 160 ( A2 , A3 , A4 and A5 )

We also have matman knee pads : $65 ( Blue and Black )

Phone : (613) 596-0866 - After 6:00 pm

E-mail: ben@ronin-mma.com


TTT for Ben and Ronin MMA

Mark, what time you heading over to Bells Corners?

613? what area code is that for... wheres ronin located?




Hey buddy

, I might be interested In an A3 White KF Gi. Let me get some xmas gifts purchased first. Im curious If you guys will be open and training this Thurs night, Dec 18th. I want to come down before xmas to give you guys some holiday cheer and a chance to beat me up one last time in 2003. I also have a videotape to give to Wade.

I'll email you tomorrow, talk to you then, hope to see you soon.

Greg Compton

Uh Nova Unaio!