KFC#4 KO Vid

Its a short but cool 5 second KO video i put together. Im doing a highlight video. and someone taped and will have dvd's soon. When I get a link Ill pass it on too.




Yes it was only 5 secs! Thanks

I thought the other guy was going to get KOed.

very cool, did you get any other video?

sweet footage.. Dave Vogan (the guy with the big right in the clip) will love to this clip..

Butch.. David will have a highlight clip for the event soon.. and the entire dvd will be available in a few weeks! I will be in touch with everyone for purchasing information of the dvd.. bogart6868@aol.com for questions.

Thanks - Tim

I am sure we will be getting it.

I would get it regardless but especially since my wife had a hard time figuring out the camera. She only got two fights....


It was nice to meet all you guys

GB- Knoxville

I missed that fight but I am glad I got to see it :)

his hands


I taped the entire evening of fights. As soon as I get time I am doing a highlight of several clips, hopefully by the weekend.

Sorry guys I'm taking the file down, I post here about such things to try and help my site grow & to promote whoever it may be about. I have a link back to mma.tv on 80% of my pages because they were kind enough to be cool about me posting urls. Ive meet some cool people here and some good contacts as well. But I am not cool with the childish way some people just hot link to have others avoid my site. Don't want me posting links that cool, I wont.

Hmm, I don't know. Anytime you have a video it will be hard as heck to prevent other sites from linking to it. The main thing is embedding your website address into the video - which you did. If people like the video and see your website address in it then hopefully they will visit your site. That's probably one of the best ways to promote your site and make it grow.

You can also search for a free script that will protect your files. There are lots of them. You can install and then set the script to only allow people to call upon the files from the sites you specify.

Oh I know it will be linked to but thats not my point. I provided a link myself.It would be just as easy to use the link I provided, in your post.

I am looking at a hotlink prevention option but hate to have to do it. I like to share, thats one reason why i provided a link.

As I said in another thread, I am glad that loud mouthed fuck Andrei got what was comming to him.