KFC employee got uppity with me

I dont get it, what was the side of gravy for if not the fries ? Was the ketchup for OPs chicken? Weirdos here man


All hail Robbie

What's the Male version of a Karen? Harold? Oh yeah its whatever OPs name is

mexican jujitsu -
kindofawesome - 
Hizzay - by the way, this never happened.

Lol how boring does your life have to be for you to think this is fake. Phone Post

hizzay may be correct. from here it looks like you made half an OP, read the responses, and are now tailoring it to look cool after robbie made you his bitch in your own fake story. why tell it in 3 parts? if not fake and trying to save face then its definitely an attention whore problem. then again i could just be an asshole.

finish the fuckin story

Shit up you little whore. 
don’t need your negativity here.


Ha... for later

Smilin like Rashad -

Ha... for later

You should def take the time to read through it. It's such a Did not turn out the way op was imagining when he created the thread. 

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KFC, the food of kings, my fav fast food.

Their new chicken sandwich is excellent!

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Better not ask for ketchup with it.

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Just ask sternly

Definitely not after you have gravy. Least not on Robbie’s shift.

Even after the battle, you still won’t get any actual soy sauce. Read the packets carefully next time. While it has some soy in it so it can actually be called “soy sauce,” that shit in the clear packets is brown fucking water with salt in it.

Japanese would never do that do you. But the Chinese are some of the cheapest people on the planet.

Chinese are only out-cheaped by Indians (call center not casino, dot not feather)

bump for @Kirik_Jr

I did…great thread

Lmao this is amazing! Robbie made OP his bitch!

To tha tizzy.

Lol I remember this thread and it is still funny. #teamrobbie