KG Keepin it always

Damn this place is depressing the shit out of me, but we do have pretty much fuck all to talk about. Here is this bit though, with some good stuff from my man the sports guy:

"NBA Official: Progress Was Being Made Until Garnett Entered Room

NBA management believes negotiations with the players changed when Kevin Garnett entered the negotiating room on Oct. 4.

Sources say Garnett was 'defiant, determined and downright ornery.'

As one league official said, “We were making progress, until Garnett [expletive] everything up.”

Regardless of how long the lockout lasts, it will be the players and not the owners that bring the NBA positive publicity again after the labor dispute is settled.

"We can’t have completely poisoned waters here when this is over,” one front-office executive said. “Stern gets that, but I’m not sure all of our owners do. We have to have these guys on board, or where are we as a league?”

Bill Simmons with the insider take:

"Kevin Garnett, who inexplicably turned into Norma Rae these past few weeks and led the charge to fight the fight and stand strong … without, of course, ever mentioning that his agent was savvy enough to defer a significant amount of money from his last contract extension so that he still has fresh money coming in this season (unlike 95 percent of the players), or that a 50-game regular season would be absolutely perfect for his aching knees, or that losing two months of 2011-12 money might help him with his next contract because he won't break down during a shortened season (increasing the odds that he'll get one last lucrative extension next summer).

Should someone who's earned over $300 million (including endorsements) and has deferred paychecks coming really be telling guys who have made 1/100th as much as him to fight the fight and stand strong and not care about getting paid? And what are Garnett's credentials, exactly? During one of the single biggest meetings (last week, on Tuesday), Hunter had Kobe Bryant, Paul Pierce and Garnett (combined years spent in college: three) negotiate directly with Stern in some sort of misguided "Look how resolved we are, you're not gonna intimidate us!" ploy that backfired so badly that one of their teams' owners was summoned into the meeting specifically to calm his player down and undo some of the damage. (I'll let you guess the player. It's not hard.) And this helped the situation … how? And we thought this was going to work … why?"


So in short KG, as always, is being a fake toughguy cunt. Except this time he isnt facing down smaller players who have no recourse to fuck him up in front of tv cameras. It is behind closed doors, and he is bringing his dipshit high school level "attitude" to the table against billionaires. Of course, it wont be KG the feels the results of his dipshit tactics. It will be the players that make 1/100th of what he has made in his career, who (probably due to a similar lack of practical education) dont see a problem with this bipolar moron representing them.

lol.. i just saw this and was gonna post.. i am not surprised.. that ass clown.

 Caught this on espn earlir, KG is a fucking tool.

 I remember reading an article about him back in 1993 (he was a junior in high school at the time).

One quote that always stuck with me was "he's the greatest player to come along in years......from the neck down".

Even at a young age he was destined to be a fuckin asshole.

I can't believe that the KG we all know and love would ever do something like this.

Seriously though who thought bringing him to the negotiating table was a good idea?

"Hmm, were making progress here. Lets bring in our wildcard, the big ticket!"

"YES!!!! Everyone knows his reputation for being an intelligent, level headed, decent human being. He is also probably the most brilliant orator in league history, its like listening to Cicero speak!

Great article by Whitlock on why players should stick to playing.