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I was watching the morning news this morning before work and they did a profile called "Wanted Wednesdays" and a Grand Jury has indicted Jake Faagai for a 9/07 assault. They said his trial is in 2 weeks and he has a $50k bond out for him and were looking for him. I could'nt find the link.
The news kept talking about him and his mma connection and kept showing clips of him in the ring. I just thought it was another shot at mma (negatively).

TTB for bad reporting.

His assault charge & the sport have nothing to do with each other...IMO

good catch Rob.

Hey 671,

This is Randy not Rob.

It sucks whenever they try to correlate mma into everything and focus on that. I agree that the charge and mma are totally separate from eachother, but since it's an assault charge, they correlate that with his fighting experience. I hope he can resolve his issues.

imagine how much more trouble we'd all be in if NOT FOR MMA. oh brutha. :(

Oops! Sorry Ran.

coffee nevah kick in yet.

I agree with FCTV, where would alot of guys be without MMA or even Jiujitsu for that matter.

 With all due respect...

I saw the story and din't think it was a knock at MMA...It was just that the station has video of this guy, and if you fight in a "professional event" you are therefore a "public figure" It's just toppings to the story. Just like a baseball player, football player etc. If they get busted they will be dubbed as "former baseball player" etc.

The asian girl that got busted for drug dealing a few months back had her HPU Softball Media Guide picture all over the place, she barely played but everytime they mentioned her, she was "Former College Softball Player" I don't think it was a knock at Softball...Just a title.

Is that the MMA celebrity that Steve was talking about last night when he presented this morning's stories on last night's news? I couldn't get up early enough to watch the news from 4:30a till I headed out to work to see who he was talking about. I thought it was going to be another Egan report.

shucks if it was a negative story.

About the "title" subject Rabello mentions, if that girl was instead a DOE teacher, she would have been found guilty and no breaks would have been given to her despite support. rofl. Teachers are screwed either way...even if they were former HPU baseball players.

Didn't see the story, but the point of him being a MMA fighter....was is it an element of the story????

He is arguably a "limited public figure" IMHO. If his offense was pertinant to his MMA career than he can be hound-dogged to hell and back. If not, then perhaps the media should reign in their zeal to sensationalize every piece.

Let's make another example....

Say FCTV is involved in a scuffle with say a micro :P

He gets charged with assault for harai goshi, knee ride with a few punches followed by armbar. A member of the media doing the crime beat checks the blotter and sees his name and BAM ohh a celebrity :D Definitely a "public figure" and therefore open to all types of BS.

dig, dig, dig....

Guy does a radio show, amateur MMA fighter, Judo instructor, international playboy, commentor on many aspects of island life and connoisseur of consumables from candy bars to the end-product of the reproductive systems of fish, etc......oh, one more...poster ont he HG, a public forum. A forum where he rants against the micro incursion, even going so far as to propose a -----Squad.

Poor FC would get an ASS-REAMING in the press. Nothing would "ethically" be off-limits. All those crazy wimmins????... his ass is toast. Oprah would be covering his ass for the next week and raising money for the poor minority he ass-kicked.

The same wouldn't be the case a "Joe Average Smuck" who may get a mention of being a "martial artist," but it would hardly be ethical to hound-dog his ass into the ground in the name of those poor immigrating micronesians.

Then again, the ethics of most of those in the media.........:P


goes back into hiding to contemplate facial reconstructive surgery and name change


 here's the video:


 Consider that or abandon your love for fish genitalia. 

 I have to agree.  I did not get the dogging MMA in the story.  What was irritaing was them trashing the pronounciation of his name.  Damn.

^^^Faagai is pronounced Fa'angai

BTW, That Fa'agai looked a whole lot like the Do'oc Mason guy

lol, you saw that too huh?

Was that really the Blaisdel he was fighting in? Looked like one of those club promos.

I dunno though, watching the channel9 news makes me take a hot shower afterwards...makes me feel dirty.

Thanks Freitas for posting that link

reporter made a few mistakes...

- was the O Lounge, and she called it the Blaisdell
- he was fighting kickboxing, but she called it mma
- she presented him as this seasoned mma fighter, but Jake's only had 2 pro fights.

what's the story w/ KIM, the police spokesperson? any hger married to this chic? the pink was really working for her. :)

Watched it....It didn't seem like they were dogging MMA, spokeswoman establihed he is dangerous b/c he has skills and uses violence so it looks to be a legitimate element to the story.

A bit overplayed with the point about having fought earlier in the year(Jan. 26), he wasn't indicted until Fed was that really a element??? well as looping the vid and pics-just more sensationalization IMO

 I thought Kim was hot for years. 

TTT for self regulation of your students.  I always say that if one of my guys gets out of line, just call me day or night and I will go there and take care of it.  He would insult himself, Jiu-Jitsu, me, our instructors and students, AND the Shaolin Temple.