Khabib breaks down... romantic comedies!?!?

Seriously, The Chive asked Khabib to explain the plots of some well known romantic comedies. 



That was fucking awesome.

"Too much movie make your heart... weak." 

That shits funny

thats was awesome

"i don't understand why nobody kiss her"

That was funny. "Is this dirty Harry? I don't give a shit about this movie."


"She's not bad"

I think it's the first time we saw Khabib appreciating a girl.

Promo of the year.

The best promo I have ever seen in my life


That was fucking hilarious. Oh the buildup between him and Conor will be EPIC.


I just wanna know of the three, what movie was number one bullshit!?

Chive On Khabib

stringtheory -




#1 bullshit promo.

Khabib and Conor would be awesome. Too bad I think Tony takes it, and I can't stand Tony.

Wow he even refrains from movies because they "make your heart weak"

What a fucking savage