Khabib: Father still in ICU, out of coma

Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov, 57, remains in intensive care in a Moscow military hospital, where he has regained consciousness. UFC lightweight champion Khabib's father was hospitalized for heart problems stemming from COVID-19, had heart bypass surgery, and had been placed in a medically-induced coma.

Speaking on Russian television on Monday, Khabib himself gave an update, revealing he is at his father's bedside daily to watch over him.

"His condition is still serious, he's still in intensive care," said Khabib on Russian television earlier today, as transcribed by RT. "As for the virus, there's no need to worry, only about the other consequences. I visit him, he recognizes me, but there's no communication because he's connected to [medical] devices.

"Every day they let me in, I spend half an hour I hold his hand. When I ask: 'Father, do you recognize me?' He gestures and lets me know." 

"These are some of the best doctors in the world... I have no concerns [about my father's care], many thanks to them.

"In that respect, all's well. It takes time, because the consequences are very difficult, and the rehabilitation period will be long and tough." 

Coronavirus: Russian republic Dagestan enduring a 'catastrophe'

Dr Ibragim Yevtemirov still coughs every so often as he talks. A paediatric trauma surgeon in Dagestan, in the Caucasus region of southern Russia, his ward had been full of Covid-19 cases for a couple of weeks when he got infected himself.

He says seven colleagues in his town have now died, including nurses, orderlies and laboratory staff, according to a count kept by local medics themselves.

"All three doctors on my team got sick. We were replaced by dentists until we recovered," Dr Yevtemirov told the BBC by phone from Khasavyurt, where he's now back at work in the central hospital.

"At the peak, there were 10, 11 patients dying a day here," he says...

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UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov commented on the condition of his father and trainer Abdulmanap, who is being treated for the effects of coronavirus infection.

“As for my father, I’ll say that his situation is still difficult, he’s still in intensive care. The coronavirus itself is behind, but the disease left its consequences - about the kidneys, the heart, he remains in the hospital. But you can not worry about the virus.

I go to him, he recognizes me, but there is no communication, since he is under the devices. Every day they let me in, for half an hour a day I spend with him, hold his hand, look into his eyes. I asked him: “Father, do you recognize me?”, He replies: “Yes, I recognize you.” More precisely, not with language, but with gestures, he nods his head, makes it clear.

As for the doctors, I am very sure that they are some of the best doctors in the world, I think so. And about this I have no doubt, thank them very much for everything that they do. In this regard, everything is very good, it just takes time, because the consequences are very difficult, and the rehabilitation period will be rather big, rather complicated and long.

In Dagestan, of course, the peak is behind, I myself got to this peak, I felt it myself, I still have a father who is sick, many relatives have been ill, some relatives are no longer with us.

Now, of course, the situation has stabilized, much fewer patients, patients in the hospital itself, now it’s much better, people are slowly returning to their usual course, life is slowly resuming. In this regard, everything is getting better.

Of course, a month ago there was such a serious test, not only for Dagestan, but the whole world was faced with this. And as I see, no one was ready for this. I don’t think that humanity has faced this problem before, it’s a real global problem, including Dagestan was not ready for this, unfortunately, ” the fighter said on the air of the Vremya program on Channel One.