Khabib is still the GOAT for a while longer yet (Khamzat)

Khamzat is just not on the GOATS level.

His fight IQ is just not there and he takes too many shots.

He’ll still probably beat pitter patter Colby though.

Nah, he isnt

Gotta fight a lot of top guys for goat

Not like 3

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Prime RDA
Prime Gaethje (P4P top 10)
Prime Poirier (P4P top 10)
Prime Conor (P4P 2)
Prime Barboza (Coming of Dariush KO)
Prime Iaquinta (5 fight win streak win over Masdival)
Prime Micheal Johnson (coming off knockout of Poirier)
Prime Steroid Tibau Khabib was only 23 and just grew pubes

Tied for most defences in LW history (best division)
Never even scratched
Undefeated, Undisputed Alihoomdelahlah

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Khamzat is too westernised

playing footsies with Darren Till

If he stayed in Chechnya longer he wouldn’t have turned out like this

A bigger disappointment than Will Smith,

and his son

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I don’t think the words “Prime Iaquinta” or “Prime Michael Johnson” have ever been uttered before LOL

But let’s compare those opponent credentials to the One I consider the GOAT and an incomplete list of his opponents and theirs:

Prime Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira x2 (Pride HW Champ Interim UFC HW Champ)
Prime Andre Arlovski (UFC HW Champ)
Prime Tim Sylvia (UFC HW Champ)
Prime Mark Hunt (K1 GP Winner)
Prime Semmy Schilt (K1 GP Winner)
Prime CroCop (K1 Legend and Late GP Winner)
Prime Ricardo Arona (ADCC Champ)

Olympians JUST FOR FUN

Mark Coleman x2 (UFC HW Champion)
Matt Lindland (Silver Medalist - Wrestling)
Satoshi Ishii (Gold Medalist - Judo)
Naoya Ogawa (Silver Medalist - Judo)

Post Prime Victories JUST FOR MORE FUN

Frank Mir (UFC HW Champ)
Rampage Jackson (UFC LHW Champ)
Chael Sonnen (Undefeated Legend)

This doesn’t include Fedor’s extensive Sambo career that he has like Khabib.
Except if my understanding is Correct… Fedor is a Grand Master and Khabib is below that at an International Master Level.

Look at that size difference. One competes at the absolute weight class against anyone in the world. The other… walks around 200lbs and only fights those under 155 lbs… If you are that good… why kill yourself to make weight? or why never challenge yourself and fight outside that weight? If you are that good… you show up like Fedor did and fight anyone like Fedor did.



Lmfao :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: that’s pretty brutal man


Khabib pulled out of more fights than he’s won and never faced a dangerous stylistic match up on paper other than Gaethje


Khabib is the only one who never get got touched up, just because he retired because his Dad died and he was fuck loaded, doesn’t mean he’s not the best p4p fighter ever.

He’s the best p4p fighter ever, who retired young.

Nothing more to see.

Quit too soon. Was a Great but quit too soon to be the Greatest.


Still the most dominant (best) fighter though.

Just retired young.

So was Joe Calzaghe in boxing. Retired at 46-0.

No one considers him the GOAT because it is about more than a pretty number and retiring.


Calzaghe just beat aged out fighters.

Khabib wiped out some of the best LW’s of all time in their prime.

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Khabib is the “Goat” fighter from Dagestan but thats it.

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LOL 3 title defenses, 2 against puffed up featherweights is not the goat of anything.


3 title defense does not even put you in the Top 10 of all time

Fighter Title Defenses
Daniel Cormier 4
Stipe Miocic 4
Joanna Jedrzejczyk 5
Valentina Shevchenko 5
Ronda Rousey 6
Jose Aldo 6
Georges St-Pierre 9
Anderson Silva 10
Jon Jones 11
Demetrious Johnson 11

Adesanya is undefeated at his weight class, and has two more title defenses than kabob

Isn’t that the record for LW,

the best division?

And how does retiring young not mean he’s not a better fighter?

Not a fan of his but I can’t think of someone who is a better LW of all time

Khabib beats prime BJ Penn sadly. He would destroy prime Edgar. I don’t see how Ben Henderson or Anthony Pettis win a single round or exchange

And Volkanovski is already making a strong case for himself too (not near GOAT though) but he gets treated like he doesn’t exist.

Volk has already tied Khabib at 3 Title Defenses.

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