Khabib is still the GOAT for a while longer yet (Khamzat)

Ties with BJ penn, frankie edgar and Benson Henderson at 3 defenses each.

Plus BJ moved up and held the welterweight belt.

They gave Khabib a Titleshot late in his career

Even retiring young he still has one of the longest UFC winning streaks, plus he was never scratched


Most consecutive wins in UFC bouts

Fighter Streak Timeframe Streak Start Date Streak End Date
Jon Jones 17 2010-2020 (active) 2010-03-21 2020-02-08
Anderson Silva 16 2006-2012 2006-06-28 2012-10-13
Kamaru Usman 15 2015-2021 (active) 2015-07-12 2021-11-06
Khabib Nurmagomedov 13 2012-2020 (active) 2012-01-20 2020-10-24
Georges St. Pierre 13 2007-2017 (active) 2007-08-25 2017-11-04
Max Holloway 13 2014-2018 2014-01-04 2018-12-08
Demetrious Johnson 13 2012-2017 2012-06-08 2017-10-07
Amanda Nunes 12 2015-2021 2015-03-21 2021-03-06
Tony Ferguson 12 2013-2019 2013-10-19 2019-06-08
Alexander Volkanovski 11 2016-2022 (active) 2016-11-26 2022-04-09
Royce Gracie 11 1993-1994 1993-11-12 1994-12-16
Islam Makhachev 10 2016-2022 (active) 2016-09-17 2022-02-26
Charles Oliveira 10 2018-2021 (active) 2018-06-09 2021-12-11
Arnold Allen 9 2015-2022 (active) 2015-06-20 2022-03-19
Leon Edwards 9 2016-2021 (active) 2016-05-08 2021-06-12
Israel Adesanya 9 2018-2020 2018-02-10 2020-09-26
Robert Whittaker 9 2014-2018 2014-06-28 2018-06-09
Chris Weidman 9 2011-2015 2011-03-03 2015-05-23
Junior dos Santos 9 2008-2012 2008-10-25 2012-05-26
Magomed Ankalaev 8 2018-2022 (active) 2018-09-15 2022-03-12
Valentina Shevchenko 8 2018-2021 (active) 2018-02-03 2021-09-25
Michel Prazeres 8 2015-2018 2015-11-21 2018-11-17
Joanna Jedrzejczyk 8 2014-2017 2014-07-26 2017-05-13
Yoel Romero 8 2013-2016 2013-04-20 2016-11-12
Donald Cerrone 8 2013-2015 2013-11-16 2015-05-23
Gray Maynard 8 2007-2010 2007-09-19 2010-08-28
Lyoto Machida 8 2007-2009 2007-02-03 2009-10-24
Jon Fitch 8 2005-2008 2005-10-03 2008-03-01

Different conversation. We talking GOAT GOAT not just division.

Khabib as LW GOAT I have little issue with. I give him credit where due.

As an MMA GOAT he would have A LOT left to accomplish.

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The case for Lightweight Goat is a huge stretch.

The case for overall goat doesn’t exist.


No argument here

Depends on your criteria. Your basing it on titles defences.

I’m basing it on who is the best p4p fighter.

This is why prime RJJ is my boxing GOAT even though he’s not the most accomplished.

I believe in his prime he was just straight up the best p4p boxer ever.

Khabib is just straight up the best pound for pound ufc fighter ever.


Khabib got a Title Shot that Late BECAUSE he didn’t earn it sooner and was not fighting the top fighters to get one. His best wins were his last 3. 20 Tijuana cab drivers to get to 20-0.


You fight 10 non ranked fighters you get no Title Shot


You fight 1 #1 Contender Fight then you get Title Shot

You’re actually discrediting Khabibs Resume when you mention how long it took him to get a fight that meant something Ranking wise

lol earn it.

This is nonsense.

Did Khamzat earn a fight against the #2 by beating a few cans? No he didn’t.

The UFC prioritize who they give TS’s too.

Don’t be niave.

If we’re just looking at a fighters prime, I don’t see how anyone can say the absolute GOAT GOAT isn’t either Anderson Silva or JBJ

Those two did things we have never seen before. Every time you watched them you knew you were in for a show. Prime Anderson is the best overall striker ever. And also had the best striking defense too he never got hit. Then of course he was a black belt in BJJ and could submit wrestlers off his back. Then JBJ had the striking AND the dominant wrestling and officially has yet to lose a fight since the DQ loss

With khabib you knew what he was gonna do. Take you down and beat you up or submit you. It was nothing special at all, but no one could stop it

If Khamzat beat Burns and beats Colby that would be the #2 and #3 so yes he would be “earning” it

He got gifted the #2 without a top 10 win because he’s marketable.

Don’t be naive.

Also because no one wanted to fight him lol

Jack you sure are a Grand Master of Russian Propaganda lol

Truth saying :ok_hand:

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It’s not necessarily popular, but my answer to the GOAT has been Jon Jones for quite some time. The divisional dominance, number of former champs beat, essentially undefeated, it all adds up.

I do appreciate that some people say any failed drug test for any reason excludes you from their list. I don’t hate that logic, but obviously the different eras have had very different approaches to regulation. But that would affect Anderson, too, who certainly deserves to be discussed. His latter stages don’t help his case, but prime, man was he a monster. But it’s almost like you have to go out on top so that you don’t have those latter stages for people to look at and downgrade your career.

I think Khabib has to be in the conversation. Being 29-0, never in trouble, never left a fight all banged up. I just would have loved to see a few more defenses. I really do feel like reigning for years over a division is a big help for your case.


If JBJ captures HW gold, the debate is all but over. No matter how horrible of a human being he is lol


Yeah, if he does that, even the haters are going to have to step back and just admit he’s pretty damn good. I mean, they won’t of course. But they should. Lol.

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Pisses me off that Anderson Silva never got a title shot at LHW to go for champ-champ status

There’s no way he loses to Rampage, Forrest, or Rashad when they were LHW champs. Him and Machida would obviously never fight. Anderson vs. Shogun was a DREAM fight of mine that I believe anderson woulda won

When JBJ became champ I knew Anderson would never get the LHW gold which sucked


So crazy to think back in the day how opposed Dana was to people going for champ-champ. Conor changed all that, but to be honest, as cool as it was that he did it, I’m kind of over the champ-champ thing. It’s impossible to keep both divisions moving.

Honestly, I really just prefer seeing someone legit clean out a division. That’s way more impressive to me than being the best in two divisions on one night.