Khabib looking ripped (pic)

is this recent?

That's a large pimple

StankieEdgar - is this recent?

I suppose so.

He looks very in shape, but that's never been his issue. 

Can he cut all that mass to get to 155 without killing himself is the question. 


He simply shaved his body hair into a six pack. Nothing to see here imho.

I was expecting it to be a picture of his ACL

That's not his torso 

if he stopped shaving and cutting his hair

ranier wolfcastle -

if he stopped shaving and cutting his hair

Teen wolf!

mkou - That's a large pimple

I believe those are nipples.

Someonestolemysocks -

That's not his torso 

It looks like matt Hughes from the neck down

Russian bear

Welterweight debut coming

Lights Out Lurker -
mkou - That's a large pimple
If you zoom in you can taste it

Hahaha! Legit lol. Thank you

He's gonna break something

First pic of him i've seen in a while where he is not surrounded by a bunch of shirtless, ice cream eating, gas pumping man boys