Khabib Nurmagomedov to debut vs Kamol Shalorus

at Ufc on FX 1. Khabib is 16-0 but gets a tough test in his first Ufc fight. There really isn't any easy fights in the Ufc lw division so that's to be expect.

Good luck to Khabib. I'm interested to see how his grappling skills will work against the US talent

The records of former soviet fighters are usually only partially filled in Sherdog or UG. Some of these guys have tens of MMA and pankration fights that don't show up in any records. Don't know if that is the case in this one

IRAN. IRAN. IRAN! Phone Post

Hard to guage how a newcomer with a record like Khabib's will do when he makes his debut. Khabib could steamroll Kamal or he could just turn out like Jason Reinhardt. Phone Post