Khabib should be deported

At least that’s where his balls reside.

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He should stick to fighting/training, the less he talks the less he shows his two digit iq


Khabib is a great fighter, and at the same time, a fucking idiot who never shuts up. The guy loves attention.


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I concur with OP about the deportation.

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Bj rnc r2

Hes a great fighter, his religion and personal beliefs and comments are fucked

Member that time, when Khabib whooped Conors ass, then hopped the cage to shit on Dillon Danis?
The guy hopped the cage to shit on Dillon Danis.
Hes alright in my book.
You fags act like you arent also shitty human beings in some way or another.
Just sitting there, on your high horses, in your doublewides, drinking Pabst blue ribbon or Natty Ice in your flannels thinking you are the shit.

“Khabibs religious views are fucked up. O, and by the by, lets storm the capital building and ban abortions”

Lol, Islam is the enemy of freedom and progress. I am staunchly pro choice and a voting liberal. Reproductive rights for women are completely non existent in the Muslim world so I don’t know what point you’re trying to make.

“Islam is the enemy of freedom and progress”
I believe fear, close mindedness and stupidity are the enemy of progress as well.

Im just havin fun sir.

Khabich tastes Putin PP daily. How do it taste?

Name a single Muslim country a born Muslim can legally and publicly leave the religion. It’s literally fascism even in the most “liberal” Muslim countries.

Name one religion who hasnt caused the deaths of thousands of people.

And to answer your question, India.

Name one other than Islam that has done it recently. Basically it’s just them and the Jews.

Religion is evil and retarded. Fairytales for children.

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