Khabib shouts smth behind the back of Pettis (pic)

Khabibs been trolling pettis hard Phone Post 3.0

Why you duck Nurmy bro! Everybody ducking Nurmy.

get him on the JRE, broken English trash talk will only make it a better podcast. he said he wanted to do a show a couple months back

didnt khabib make fun of Pettis for being injured all the time...while being on the IR himself?

Khabib is and has been best 155er in the world, only a matter of time Phone Post 3.0

Hope pettis kicks khabibs ass Phone Post 3.0

Ironic that Khabib didn't get his title shot when the stars aligned because he is injured.

Lol pretty funny. Phone Post 3.0

Everyone here is speculating.

What if Khabib was shouting: "GO TONY!"

Ever think of that?