Khabib talking his weight cutting methods(old vid)

"Now I weigh 85 kg, within a month, I'll train - morning, afternoon and evening - Habib said in 2014. - When I go to the form - I am losing extra weight and somewhere I will be 81 kg. For 20 days before the fight I sit on a diet, and experience exactly the same load case, which came before it. Clean about 4-5 kg. Diet - more salad, fruit, water. I do not drink soda, flour, after 7 pm do not eat. The meat do not eat. It is advisable to fish and you can lunch a bit of chicken, because it is rapidly digested. Sometimes, when left 10 days before the fight - I weigh 77-78 kg maximum. I begin a week before the fight to drink 8 liters of water every day. One day before the weigh-stop drinking. The body for a week already used to process these 8 liters, and when you do not drink - it processes the same but not 8 liters - somewhere to 4 kg.

The remaining 3-4 kg - I run, I suffer, you might say. Chase weight in the sauna. Hot tub once tried - I did not like. When you have no way out, when you have 2 extra kg, weighing in up to a couple of hours and you can not run - it is necessary to use the parnaya steam room. Better, of course without the parnaya, because it tires, wears the heart, but if there are no options, you have to use it.

If you trained for three months stable, are in good shape, after weight cut you recover quickly. If you're in bad shape, the weight cut takes every force out of you, and to fight you have not recovered. "

Would be helpful of I could speak Russian

Mshi - Would be helpful of I could speak Russian

Refresh the thread, there's translation in the first post. Not perfect but the idea is there.

So he starts at 187lbs. Fuck.

he is a 170 pounder