Khabib: UFC paying more than they declare

- In 2014 I came to you in Makhachkala - and then you drovw a white "Prior". What has changed since the popularity came to you, how did the owner of the "Sum" Ziyavudin Magomedov started supporting you? What can you afford?

- Since then I have moved from the "Priora" to the "Camry". Yes, much has changed. Ziyavudin Gadzhievich began to help - and I, for example, began working with nutritionists. A dietician has to be paid a lot: about $ 10,000 a month. Before, I could not afford it. You have to pay for the hall, where you train, and much for that. When I first started to travel to the UFC, there was no money. I lived on fees from fights. Sometimes, people helped me. Sometimes I borrowed - after the fight I paid my fee.

- How much is your three-month preparation for the battle now?

- Flights, a nutritionist, a hotel, food, coaches - I think it goes around $ 40 000. Previously, $ 10 000, a maximum of $ 15 000, I could not afford much.

- You have not been in a cage for a year. What was your main income at that time?

- 50% from Eagles (the club was created with the support of Ziyavudin Magomedov, Habib - president and one of the fighters of Eagles, Habib's father - head coach), 50% - from Reebok. With Reebok I have a very good exclusive contract, which will last two more years. Also very good personal relations with the leadership of Eagles - Ziyavudin Hajiyevich. He, however, has good relations with everyone: he does not look at who is fighting in the UFC, who is in Fight Nights, - he helps everyone. In this regard, I have no problems.

There is bread, there is water - there is nothing to complain about. My most important task: to remain engaged in my own business and win battles.
- Do you get a lot of commercial offers now?

- Yes, there is such a moment. Sponsorship offers a lot, 80% of them end at the stage of conversations. I, of course, take part in the negotiations, but mostly they are led by my manager. Almost in all niches I have contracts: clothes, a club, sports nutrition. Now there are two good proposals. The first is a car brand. The second is what clocks I will advertise. Until we come to an agreement, negotiations are under way. When you continue to win, your price grows. Because of this, I said: "Wait for December 30". With the help of the Almighty, I will try to win. And I can dictate more favorable conditions for myself.

- So you have postponed negotiations on the price for the period after the battle with Edson Barbosa?

- Yes. When I come home after the fight, everything will be clear. You know, you win the fight - even more popularity, you rise in the rating, the next fight is fought for the belt and so on. And you can say that this price does not suit you, but another price suits you. If you want, let's work. How do you say. Pure business, nothing personal.

- You bypassed Maria Sharapova and won first place among the Russian athletes by the number of subscribers in the instagram. Do you guide your instagram yourself?

- Myself, but I do not pay attention to who is first, who is second in instagram. To me, the most important thing is that I take the first place at the competitions. And I do not really live by the Internet.

- You do not earn on instagramme?

- I have PM full: advertise it, promote it. Now, after all, everyone is doing this. I do not make money on instagram. Although so many people advise me to start using my instagram to earn on this platform. In the future, we'll see. If it's real money, why can not I use it?

- What will you never advertise?

- For example, beer. I had the opportunity to work with a beer organization. I was offered a contract. But with beer I do not work - and I do not advise others.

- Explain, if someone will not understand.

- We do not have alcohol in religion. Therefore, neither beer, nor anything else intoxicating, I will not advertise. The casino is the same.

- And bookies?

- Same. I had the opportunity. A large bookmaker company came up with an offer. The contract was very good. But I declined this offer.

- After the UFC tournaments official data on the fees of the fighters are published. But a year ago we talked, and you said that your fee for the last fight was incorrect.

- Yes. Last time they, in my opinion, published that I earned $ 58,000 or $ 59,000 (the New York State Athletic Commission reported that Habib Nurmagomedov's fee for the fight against Michael Johnson in November 2016 was $ 52,000: $ 26,000 for going to fight , $ 26,000 for the victory. - Forbes). I do not know where they got this figure from. I earned a lot more.

- Do you have a percentage of the sales of paid broadcasts (PPV) in the contract?

- No. The percentage from the broadcasts appears when you win the belt. And with the first title defense, you already have a percentage with PPV.

- How much does it make?

- I honestly did not inquire. I can be mistaken, but I think that every sold broadcast gives two or three dollars (for the last UFC tournament, 230,000 PPV was sold. The last four UFC tournaments with Conor McGregor brought together 5.4 million PPV.). If you are a good fighter, you can sell 200-300 thousand PPV. If each gives two or three dollars, it's good money.

Please tell me he’s not talking US $ with that $10000 a month for a nutritionist.   That sounds a bit excessive. 

bungee up - 

Please tell me he’s not talking US $ with that $10000 a month for a nutritionist.   That sounds a bit excessive. 

That's going to include food and travel costs, probably room and board. Flying to the fighter, traveling to get the food, preparing it around the clock on the fighter's schedule. So say that leaves the nutritionist with something like $6500 after expenses he's only making like $70k a year(before taxes)

bungee up -

Please tell me he’s not talking US $ with that $10000 a month for a nutritionist.   That sounds a bit excessive. 

He is and it’s true, nutritionists are really expensive for high level athletes

Cripes, just make weight and fight.

All this drama he has and he doesn't even make weight at times.

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bungee up -

Please tell me he’s not talking US $ with that $10000 a month for a nutritionist.   That sounds a bit excessive. 

He is and it’s true, nutritionists are really expensive for high level athletes

Nutriotionists are a good fucking investment