Khabib would f^ck Colby up

Khabib could have fought Colby, but refused to fight at WW.

It’s as simple as that. He knew he couldn’t hang at WW, so he cut massive amounts of weight to fight at 155.

Khabib was scared.


Khabib attacked anyone who disrespected him. Colby calls him a goatfucker and says he fucks sheep too and khabib didnt say a word. That says something.


Cool story. Khabib is retired. Move on. Find someone else.


We will never find out because he hid at LW. All of the missed weights should have prompted a move up even if for some one off fights. Maybe we will see it if Islam goes up.


Nobodies scared of pillowfisted Colby.

Khabib (33.3 million) probably didn’t even know who he was at that point.

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Maybe he wasnt scared. I am just saying Dillon Danis talks shit you jump in a crowd. Conor talks shit you exaggerate and pretend to be an honorable man. Colby talks way worse shit, nothing.

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RDA is a good litmus test.

He took Colby down 4 times as an old man and Colby eeked out a 48-47 decision.

Khabib ragdolled him in his prime.

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Colby hasn’t faced anywhere near the competition that GSP did, Koscheck and Fitch would both give Colby fits.

Colby is scared of Gastelumn, why doesnt he move up and fight izzy like the smaller fighter Kelvin did? Your logic is shit homie

Khabib killed his body to make 155, and missed weight at least once, and more than that depending on who you ask.
Khabib is constantly referred to as the GOAT LW, or P4P GOAT, Colby isn’t even considered the best current WW.
And lastly, this thread is about Khabib fucking Colby up, I have no idea why you’d start talking about Gastelum.

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So why doesn’t Khabib the pussy fight him then?


“I do not even own a gun, nevermind many guns, which would necessitate the use of a gun rack! Hello, get the net!”


Colby could fight one weight class lower

Khabib always had major size advantage on 155ers by aggressively cutting weight. Khabib never beat anyone elite. He beat a few good fighters but no one great. The King of Miami at 170 has his way with Khabib.

Thats the point, Gastelum could/should fight at least one weight class lower but chooses not to same as Colby.

Khabib beat Colby’s best win (RDA) more convincingly than he did when RDA was in his prime.

Colby struggled against old RDA. Khabib ragdolled peak RDA.

Khabib’s cage weight was also proven to be average for LW. He’s about the same size as Conor. Only one pound heavier. Poirier is way bigger than both of them.

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Ultimately Colby wins this hypothetical because at least he is active. Khabib isn’t fucking up anything sitting on the sideline acting like a salty old dog


Sitting on the sideline? No actually he retired because he can wipe his ass with Colby moneywise and his dad died?

Colby is the one dancing around like a circus monkey just to cut a promo and a paycheck.

Khabib got in. Got rich. Got out.

That’s what Conor said he was going to do before Khabib took his soul.

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I think Colby win.