Khabib's record before the ufc (16-0)

I think Ferg beats him

TheHaunted2 - Have a look at conors previous opponents.

Look at Renan Barao and most Brazilians 

TheHaunted2 - Have a look at conors previous opponents.

Look at Renan Barao and most Brazilians 


Why don't you go try getting tough matchups around 5-0. Since being in the UFC Khabib hasn't ducked anyone, I guarantee the top guys in his area were avoiding him. A crushing loss to Khabib and your UFC dream could be gone. 

Carogan -

Holy shit.  You may or may not agree with Trump's politics but when he rants about articles that come from the "fake news" the OP's writing is a prime example of exactly what he means.  You'd be good at writing for the fake news OP - you've got talent.

1st fight against an opponent who finished with a record of 2-5.  Mmmmmkay.  Is this abnormal for a fighter's debut?  Probably not.

2nd fight - opponent "finished a career with a negative record" of 4-6.   Well dude, it was Khabib’s 2nd fight and 4-6 does mean the guy had enough skill to beat nearly 1/2 of his opponents.  Typical 2nd fight.

3rd fight opponent you said had a record that "more closely resembles a defensive minded formation on FIFA than a decent fighter’s record at 5-3-2?!?!?  WTF…it was his 3rd fight and the guy now has a winning record?!?  (and if he didn’t fight Khabib he would be 5-2-2).  Biased much??

4th fighter has a current record of 4-3 (and would be 4-2 if he didn’t fight Khabib)…and you called this a "mediocre record?!?!  No…this is above average bro.  His opponent has won more fights than he’s lost and was 2-0 at the time.  This was a very appropriate step up in competition for a 4th fight.

You also neglected to mention that he fought his 2nd, 3rd and 4th fight ON THE SAME NIGHT DIPSHIT.

His 6th opponent has a current record of 8-1....who would be 8-0 if he didn't lose to Khabib.  Might it not be more fair to label this guy as a "credible opponent" since we know he's not a bum??!?!?

And you also forgot to mention that he beat this bum in his 2nd fight OF THAT NIGHT.  His 5th and 6th fight were the same day numbnuts.

His 7th opponent has a current record of 11-3…you didn’t comment on how bad this record was (which would be 11-2 if he didn’t lose to Khabib).  Is this your way of trying to balance out your writing?!?!?

8th opponent you said had a "journeyman" record at 28-10.  Yet its a better record than Robbie Lawler where the former champ is currently sitting at 28-11.  Sorry dude but any fighter that has beaten 28 other pro fighters is a legit opponent.

You said his 10th opponent had an "undesirable record" at 5-3?!?!  Well duh…having any loss is undesirable.  But this guy would have a 5-2 record if he didn’t lose to Khabib which isn’t too shabby.

You said his 14th opponent had a mediocre record at 8-4 (which would be 8-3 without a loss to Khabib)…???  WTF?!?!?  You don’t know what the meaning of "mediocre" is apparently.

His 15th opponent you didn’t mention his current 8-5 record (8-4 if he didn’t fight Khabib).

Holy shit dude, twist things much???  Ten of those 16 opponents were expressly appropriate matchups for the time they were set up.  

Yeah...the dude didn't fight UFC calibre opponents by his 10th fight like some UFC fighters do.  No shit Sherlock...that's because the UFC hadn't signed him yet.  Were some of those other six fights "filler"?  Sure.  But what's he's supposed to do - not fight then?  Because guys who are trying to build careers and get into the "big show" are avoiding fighters like Khabib (just like they do in the UFC now).  The guy is keeping active and fighting - I can assure you that you can go into any other UFC fighter's record and they will have fought mediocre fighters.

And then of course there's all Khabib's fights after the first 16 which you decided not to write about.  Fuck dude - you're an asshat hater just making up reasons to hate on a guy.

Does it matter whether the guy was 10-0 or 16-0 before YOU decided he was fighting legit opponents?  I can guarantee you that if he was American if he had a 10-0 record with his first 10 opponents he would have been in the UFC already.

Hey mr. insult, I didnt write the shit you dumb mother fucker. I told you I was copy and pasting the article I read. You should work on your comprehension skills before you make yourself look like a stupid mother fucker again in the future. 

let me be clear

I think Khabib is a bad mother fucker. I just didnt expect to see his record look like this.

Now go get your reading comprehension workbook and some colors and come back when your finished and Ill check your work and then we'll do your flash cards.