Khamzat asking Dana to finish Pereira

Undefeated UFC middleweight (up to 84 kg) fighter Khamzat Chimaev said that he is going to return to Russia.

“My homeland means everything to me, because I was born and raised here and my blood is here. In the future, I want to return and continue to do something better for my people. I won’t always fight. I have great support, including from the head of the republic, Ramzan Akhmatovich, and my brothers, Eli, Akhmat, Adam. They help me a lot and I have never needed for anything. I see how all the Chechens support me, and I am proud of my people, proud of my friends and brothers who support me,” Chimaev said in an interview with the vice-president of the ACA league Aslanbek Badaev.

That’s a pretty strong case he’s making.

“Dana, let me fight for the belt because what I really want is to go home.”


He’s a human turd who emigrated some to take what he could then skip back to caveman land!

Nothing about him is even remotely likable!


Kadyrov kids are beasts having their way with Khamzat

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why does he feel this way

I wonder if his elder lover Kadyrov will allow him to go die in Palestine like he wants.

Imagine having to let some spoiled brats give you concussions to please your daddy overlord.


touch would know a lot about that, he has his daddy as his avatar

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Biggest cucks. Praises the man that’s fucked his country and robbed his people blind for 20 years.

We all know he’d win. Even if you dislike Khamzat you know what’s up!

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Hazmat is a shit human imo. I believe he has killed innocent people but I don’t care, I want to see him fight. Win or lose I want to see him in the octogon more. I always root against him but he is a great fighter


Khumshot vs Vettori

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Serial inactive 170lber vs 205lb LHW Champion who knows Jiu-Jitsu? Don’t think so. It’d be about as clear as the last two or three guys he iced ya’ll said were going to destroy him because “muuuuh wrasslin’”

if he returns to russia, they will immediately get him in the army on the front Lines with 1 old gun and 2 bullets. I hope he knows that!!

Yes, his wrestling.

Alex would knee his fucking face in. It’s amazing how so many morons forget weight classes exist for a reason.

Wants a LHW title shot after beating a welterweight at middleweight.

Someone needs to explain how title shots work to this caveman.

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