Khamzat Chimaev returns at UFC 267

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Top prospect Khamzat Chimaev is set to make his return to the Octagon when he fights Li Jingliang in a welterweight bout set for UFC 267.

Raphael Marinho of Combate reported the Chimaev vs. Jingliang matchup for UFC 267, which is set to take place on October 30 in Abu Dhabi. According to the scribe, the matchup between Chimaev and Jingliang has been agreed to and all that’s left are for the contracts to be signed. But at this point, it looks like this is the fight the UFC wants.

Beat me to it! Was just about to post this. Toughest opponent yet for khamzat I think…right?

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Smesh him.

Just wild this dude was fighting every other day and now it’s a whole year off.

Hope he picks up where he left off because it was pretty fun.

he’s a terrorist! his religion sucks!

Yeah yeah whatever. He’s fun to watch and a breath fresh air.


I see him dominating for 3 rounds but getting into trouble late in the 3rd. He takes the decision and a lesson that will have him ready for the Top 5

Who is this faggot? Never heard of him.
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Linking our story back to this post.

li-jingliang two recent losses were to jake mathews and Magney both can be heavy wrestlers, i don’t recall how these fights went down though.

if he was out wrestled it’s going to be a long night for him

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He needs to win this one or they hype is gone.
It would be great if he fought conor

he has lost a ton of hype already if you ask me, but all he needs is a dominant win and people will be back looking toward his next fight

Hopefully this makes for a good fight…will be interesting to see how he fares given he was severely ill due to covid.

It’s crazy to think he was slated to fight Leon Edwards on 2 separate occasions and declined a big fight vs Rockhold before settling on this opponent. I wonder who finally brought his expectations back down to earth, as this is more in line with how he should be establishing himself in a division. A step in the right direction, fighting a top 15 guy, not a giant leap in fighting the potential number 1 contender lol.

Calling out all the big names but doesn’t do shit when it comes down to it. Fuck him

Good fight, Li Jingliang has got some decent power and has KO’s over some good opponents. Will be a tough match if Khamzat is rusty or not back to full health yet.

agreed, big risk fight for KHAMZAT.

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Odd fight. Definitely expected someone with a little bigger name. Li is a tough opponent though.

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Jingliang is solid fighter. So this fight will give us a better idea of how good he really is.

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