Khamzat is a terrible matchup for Israel and will be pushed to the MW title next

Already been established that Khamzat is moving to MW because that’s a less grappler heavy division. Look how much more trouble Burns (LW/WW) gave Khazmat than Holland (MW) because of his grappling and Khamzat having to stand with him.

If Khamzat gets through Costa, he’ll get an immediate ts against Israel and finish him in the first round. The UFC won’t make Khamzat fight a killer with good TDD for his title shot like Whitaker.

Israel was hyped to the moon and a lot of money was put behind him but he failed to capitalise on it with exciting finishes and now he’s being thrown to the wolf.

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You left out the part about Izzy losing the title to Pereira. Not that Chimaev wouldn’t beat him too.


Oh Israel has to get through Alex first but Khamzat will eat both of them.

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Who you think wins between Izzy and Poatan?

Either way Khamzat would be a fun fight for either as it would be much like older fights where its primarily a style vs another style.

Elite striking against elite wrestling.

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Probably Israel because he’ll keep a distance and won’t take any chances like he always does. Alex might find that chin anyway though.

Khamzat’s wrestling and grappling is too high for both of them. It’s going to be a squash match. I’m cheering for Alex against both guys though.

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The sky is blue bro no fkn shit. Let’s see cumshot fight another wrestler

Who do you suggest?

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Yep im also pulling for Alex in both.

Think he will find a way to finish Izzy again, probably with the hands, but i can also 100% see your prediction going down as well.

Khamzat should beat him easily if he can get the takedown, only worry for him is Alex timing a knee when he goes for it. Alex is also a massive guy so he may be able to stuff a takedown or two.

But Khamzat will most likely get him down at some point and wear him out.

Either way we’ve got some very intriguing match ups ahead!

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Brunson could be a good choice.

I made a thread about how it was very likely we see Chimaev vs Nickal with Chimaev as the reigning MW champ by the end of 2023 or sometime in 2024.

Several UGers of course got a little upset about that thread.