Khamzat should be fighting Whitaker now that Costa is out but it feels like the UFC is protecting him

I don’t know how it happened, but for whatever reason the UFC has positioned snaggle faced Khamzat like he’s their new show poodle like Paddy or O’malley or something. Don’t get me wrong, he’s way better, but it’s clear he has holes in his game like cardio, striking defence and fight IQ, and the UFC seem a little too gunshy about one of their last bankable stars. He has a good chance to beat Rob but they probably see it as too dangerous.

We need some big fights. Stop protecting people.


that’s too big a fight for a semi main event.
KC doesn’t even want to fight Rob as he needs to dislike his opponents to give his best performance.

I don’t know about this whole liking Whitaker thing. That’s a bizarre reason not to fight. Rob and Khamzat don’t even know eachother. Did Khamzat dislike Burns?

I remember when Khamzat started in the UFC over Covid he beat 3 guys within a month or some crazy shit.

We need that Khamzat back. This primadonna fighting once a year diva shit is not the Khamzat fans fell in love with.


Someone on the other forum posted this:

"Khamzat “anywhere, anytime” guy took no damage against Holland and in no rush to accept quick turnarounds against Rhys McKee and GM3

They have 2 months for UFC 284

Missed 170 in his last outing

A win over Rob would WARRANT a shot at MW title where he’d get to fight Alex/Izzy

Makes PERFECT sense. UFC scared?"

Khamzat would destroy Whitaker and it wouldn’t even be close.
Rob wouldn’t take that fight.

Fuck off…Rob would take on anyone.
Lets fkn see it… Where you at Khamzat?!

I love how the only Russian fighter you dont stan is the one who insulted Khabib one time.

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It’s more than that.

Khamzat is also a fake Russian swede and it shows in his fighting.

You all see this big, bad “Chechen” but what I see is a man who’s going to break when he gets tired against anyone with the grappling to keep him off.

did you have a go at glover when he refused a late replacement that was dangerous?
probably not.

Khamzat will not answer this call. He’s already ducked costa and Whittaker after he missed weight

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I would love to see it. I really want to see him win the WW belt before making the jump to 185 though but whatever. Why not

I think he beats Rob, and easily finishes Izzy & AP

Once again OP

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UFC won’t dare placing their new golden goose who always fights smaller geese against a top fighter approximately his size with good takedown defense and one of the better fight IQs in the game.

On a different note, what a pussy move on Costa’s part. The guy hasn’t had a decent win in a while, missed weight, clowns around, then decides to join the other crybabies like Ngannou, Pimblett, Omalley, Usman in rebellion against UFC. To all those who supported Ngannou’s “struggle” at making ten’s of millions instead of millions of dollars, here are some of the consequences.

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If hazmat thought he could beat Bobby he would’ve already opened his yap but instead he has publicly said he doesnt want to fight Whittaker.

I thought he was here to smesh everybody? Nah, just the blokes he’s bigger than.


Yeah, his excuse not to fighter Whitaker was weird af

“I don’t know you but I like you too much to fight you”

Okay there Khamzat :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Yeah that didn’t match his kill everybody gimmick he’s got going for himself

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