Kharitonov's boxing style?...

For those of you who know more about boxing style and technique, I'm wondering how you would analyze the boxing skills of Sergei Kharitonov...

What kind of boxer is he? What kind of technique does he have? What are his strong points? What are his weaknesses?

I have heard a lot of people criticize his boxing and say that it is sloppy, slow, etc. At the same time, Nogueira once stated that he has the best boxing in MMA.

What kind of game does he have?

He's an mma fighter who actually uses his jab effectively to not only land with it but also to set up combinations with it. He's also a good body puncher.

Sergei Kharitonov's style is slow but very effective with the jab, and he will stay constant with using the jab until the opponet crumbles.

Hands down one of my favorite PRIDE fighters of all time.

I don't think anyone could have brought down Schilt in the manner Kharitonov did.

gomi has good boxing but i like sergei's as well. his body shots are good and he can take a shot too. but nog out-boxed the shit out of him from what i understand. so to say he has the best is a little exaggerated.

Pulver has good boxing

Is Kharitonov actually from Tajikistan?

Thanks for the input guys...keep the analysis coming.

Semmy was messing Kharitonov with his jab.

no way he has the best boxing, it is good though. His lack of defense is obvious, though. Pretty slow, but effective none the less.


"crocop is best at hvwt"


hunt for one is better imo than mirko

and semmy, he won k1 gp lasst yr

whattup cbb?

i think serge is cool

but his boxing skills couldnt even keep allistar off of him

so he koed rizzo? imo hunt and semmy would beat him k1 or mma easily

i dont know pure boxing but i would take hunt

didn't Segei dislocate his shoulder in the Overeem fight? I've had a dislocated shoulder and I sure as hell was going to be throwing any punches with it!


"whats so funny? Crocop has had more boxing matches than any other hvwt mma'er or k-1 fighter alive. he has had 52"

Are you talking about amateur bouts or something? I'm pretty sure CroCop has not had any pro boxing bouts.

cbb - aren't you meant to be banned?

too bad boxing is only 1/3 of the equation

Just watched his fight with Rua, and I saw him fight Nogueira. He looked good... pretty good footwork, if a bit slow, and he definitely had some nice body shots against Rua. He keeps in a position to attack at all times. Rua tends to get a little sloppy (look at his fight with Randleman, where he threw a telegraphed leg kick with his hands down), and Sergei beat him up.

Still, Cro-Cop's obviously the better boxer. Look at how they both did against Nogueira standing.

I remember Arlovski's name being tossed about in these discussions before, some even rated his pure boxing ahead of CroCops'. His boxing usually looked really good, but he was fighting guys like Matyushenko and Cabbage, not Hunt and Fedor.


Watch Crocops K1 fights to see his boxing. He has turned into a 1 shot guy in MMA. He just wants the highkick. He used to do some very nice southpaw boxing combos in K1