Khonry Gracie

really looks like shit...watching his ammy fight and now this one you would think hes just a really shitty standup fighter

hes not trying to take the fight to the ground, he has no offensive output really, and hes just backing up the whole fight

Well that's going to be one of those silent ride homes with dad

What happened

bright lights were a bit too bright 

and god damn shut up in the corner royler

Any of you faggots care to elaborate?

He lost a shitty boring fight, he didn't even try to win or barely even put out any effort

anywhere to watch ?

Is this the same son that sucked horribly in an earlier fight ?

It was a prelim on, I'm sure it'll be on YouTube soon

His ammy fight was pretty bad yea, this was his first pro fight and it was also pretty bad...not sure what I expected but I'd hoped he would at least initiate some grappling